Remote Measurement Devices

My primary focus for the past few months has been the end-to-end design of a remote measurement device that collected voltage, current, and temperature samples from sensors, and published them to cloud interfaces. This device needed to be powered by a string of solar panels, operate under various temperature conditions, and connect to our cloud micro-services through WiFi or Ethernet. I designed the individual sensor breakouts and conducted initial prototype tests with development kits. After various hurdles with power conversion, sampling rates, and networking protocols, I put together a prototype PCB including an ARM-based TI MCU. This design is currently deployed with multiple strings of solar panels, and is collecting data as long as the sun is up. I worked on the hardware, firmware, and cloud databases/APIs to support this project.

Detecting Facial Microexpressions

Through my interests in human behavior and communications, it became apparent to me that the construct of emotion had a wide range of complexities. With some research, I became interested in the fields of detecting facial expressions and deceptive behavior.


‘SmartHandle’ was my Senior Capstone Project at UC Davis. Having biked around campus throughout college, a group of students like me wanted to make it safer and more secure for students to use and lock their bikes. We built a simple IoT Device using a PSoC 6 BLE MCU, and sensors like an accelerometer, magnetometer, and proximity sensor. The device would automatically turn on bike lights when it was dark, and established an active bluetooth connection to a mobile application to switch between locked/unlocked states.